Windows 7 on USB

Saturday, December 26, 2009 ·

Software pirates in China realized that there is a great demand for a copy of Windows 7 on an USB stick.
Especially, netbook users have been looking for ways to install Windows 7 from an USB or flash drive rather than from DVD.

Microsoft considered this option, but they did not act!

Windows 7 10-in-1

The pirated Windows 7 USB Flash drive has 8GB and includes a copy of the Windows 7 10-in-1 Ultimate Steve Ballmer Signature Edition that is either bootable or can be used to install Windows 7 on your own HDD. Of course, the USB Flash drive from Netac is also pirated.

The price for the pirated USB drive including Windows 7 10-in-1 is only about $14 (about 9,5€). For a price of $291.99 (, wouldn’t it be great to receive a bootable copy of Windows 7?


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