What which made a Program PLC good?

Saturday, August 22, 2009 ·

PLC 's programmers were faced by one steep learning curve more last 25 years, because technologies have moved quickly and nearly all industries ever carried out logic controllers programmable such as a standard. This means that experienced programmers good is difficult to find, and while most companies offer programming services found important features are those often left.

First a PLC programmer should write code so that it can be with readily understandable. Documentation and structure would be vital. This often involve a the plant working knowledge or process, a PLC good should able to solve engineering problems from one determination, not new only producing code lines. From my experience PLC 's programmers best are always first engineers.

Secondly end user should not need to look in PLC programmer this code may seem a point conflict a only one good game will implement without intervention. I work theory if seem something was rushed.

Third think this strength mean if a machine or process stop operator / technician should know why immediately, diagnose software offences should not require one expert. With the field implementation this bus and integrated device be more arduous as frequent programmers take Idea its works leave it, above first failure can be nobody ever diagnose issue. When using new technologies time should be spent contemplation in functionality. Within one my recent project managed to Profibus entire network 's mimic with more 50 trips to SCADA, two days later a trip faulted and an operator .

A my good rule has based on make firmer code is sequential account; I have spent last 5 years developing my ladder is own sequential charts. After working with own manufacturers adding -on packages ,at a premium, my opinion is tear measures many cost effective and usable.

Documentation - Such as PLC code very minimal each should include such as very minimal a Operand comment, whether this is a input output or internal register. In my project I will and always strive for to cross reference this with electric painting. First comment 's block conclusion a PLC code should include important traceability information, a anyone comment date modifications and reasons should be quickly visible. In sound commenting all step must give one functional picture what they doing.

Structure - Structure should always follow machine flow, for example a machine packaging should start a infeed, define inside respective operation a individual and end routine with out food. This technique seem to be was missed by many programmers make diagnosis and difficult modification.

It should not become underestimated how many machine / process availability can be increased good programming completed techniques. Remember PLC programming not one magic, only because something not visible does not mean it should not become done properly. Always demand more than integrator systems and PLC 's programmers.


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